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Inotech finds its origins when Mr. Benoit Tremblay founded Benoit Tremblay Soudure enr. to serve the local market and the agricultural sector.


To respond to the strong demand from the forestry and industrial sector, Mr. Tremblay then incorporated the company and invests in an 8000 square feet welding and machining shop.

Juin 2002

Mr Yves Levesque experienced in engineering and Mr Yvon Belanger in shop coordination purchased Mr. Tremblay and then gave birth to Inotech Fabrication Normandin inc. to design new sawmill equipment such the small log one pass canter and the automated edger line actualy known as the CCS and Posiedge series.


The Inotech innovations have reached a significant success and require a new fabrication plant. Inotech proceed to the acquisition of a 30 000 square feet plant to meet the growing order flow.

Inotech today

In a matter to offer unmatched fabrication quality, Inotech proceed to major investment to replace all his production machinery by new CNC equipments.

Inotech is offering high quality solutions for all kinds of sawmill projects and provide innovative solutions to many other types of industries. The expertise and the know-how of the team are internationally renowned in the forest industry.

Inotech is now the top choice supplier for customers to successfully complete on time and at the expected cost the construction or modernization of their plants.

Our values

Inotech operates a management system from six crucial values on which decision-making is based:

  • Ensure the health and safety of the workforce
  • Minimize our footprint on the environment
  • Produce the best quality
  • Provide the best service
  • Be a innovative leader
  • Ensure the profitability of the company

“Inotech’s most valuable resource is his manpower. We are fortunate to have a qualified and a trustworthy staff and we do everything we can to make it happy”

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