Inotech All the way

Semi-Optimized edger infeed table

  • The most affordable fully automated edger infeed table ever designed
  • Unbeatable price/performance efficiency
  • The smallest foot print ever done
  • Precise parallel positioning of the boards
  • Up to 40 boards per minute
  • Simple and less parts than any other system

Fully optimized edger infeed table

  • Inotech exclusive maintenance free servo-motors positioning system
  • Allows full positioning of the boards according to the true shape optimizer solutions
  • Up to 50 boards per minute
  • Hardwood configuration with driving rolls
  • Soft wood configuration with sharp chains
  • Pneumatic and electrical components, no hydraulics
  • Simple and less parts than any other system

True shape transversal optimiser

  • Precise readings with lasers and cameras
  • Friendly user optimization software
  • Allows infinite optimization solutions according to best prices or recovery
  • Optional color vision system for biological defects analysis

Board scanner

  • To be combined with the Posiedge semi-optimized infeed table
  • Precise readings of the thickness and the width of the boards
  • Provides the most compact, fully automated edging infeed
  • Allows for pre-determined edging solutions

Board edger

  • Up to 4 movable saws
  • Precise edging: thanks to the innovator ball bearing saw guides 
  • Ultra fast saw change
  • High speed up to 1200 feet per minute
  • Integrated cylindrical top chipping head allowing boards thickness sizing
  • Energy saver; only 1 motor to drive saw arbor and top chipping head
  • HD frame precisely machined on a CNC center
  • Many configurations available

Fingers type trim separator

  • High efficiency and simple design
  • Perfect when more than 2 saws are used
  • Reliable and proven design
  • Low maintenance

Chain type trim separator

  • Fits in the tightest places
  • Option with 2 shifting chain raises when combined with the 3 saws edger
  • HD construction

Horizontal resaw

  • Allows horizontal  splitting of the blocks
  • Vertical outfeed press rolls that prevent saws from squeezing 
  • For blocks up to 8’’ wide
  • Single or double saws arbor