Inotech All the way

Electrical tilt hoist

  • Electrically driven for an ultra soft action
  • Row controller via lugged chain to prevent slamming
  • Precise positioning with the Lateral tilt
  • Can be used with non-lathed bundles, thanks to the driven top tires
  • UHMW strong top row hammers
  • HD tubular design

Automatic sticks baling system

  • Allow`s to perfectly bundle the sticks
  • Automatic battens and sticks separator
  • Safe operation that prevents accidents
  • Many configurations available: loose baling or cart bundling

Planer mill lug loader

  • Specifically designed for planer mills applications
  • No marks on the boards
  • Perfect efficiency up to 215 boards per min
  • The most affordable lug loader on the market
  • Fully patented, patent #6,446,785

Rotary lug loader

  • High speed electronically controlled version  up to 215 boards per min
  • Medium speed mechanically controlled version up to 115 boards per min
  • Tongs activated via air rotary actuators or rubber bands
  • Perfect Infeed flow control via variable speed on 2 infeed transfers
  • The most affordable rotary lug loader on the market

Trimmer positioning fence

  • Precise positioning at high speed up to 215 boards per min
  • Fully pneumatic operation, thanks to the Inotech air bags design
  • Trimming solution every 0.125’’
  • Simple operation, will not let you down and will not become misadjusted
  • Low maintenance


  • High speed up to 225 pieces per minute
  • Precise trimming with the Fully CNC machined frame
  • Safe access with full opening of the top split covers
  • Fully electric motors, 1 motor per saw
  • Perfect trimming with the high saw RPM up to 4500 rpm
  • Sliding saws available, mounted on HD chromed shafting
  • PET integrated second axis available, up to 5 saws travelling along the frame
  • HD reliable and proven design

Forks stacker

  • High speed forks stacker up to 18 rows per min
  • Inotech innovator balanced vertical crankshaft allowing higher carriage speed and soft deceleration
  • Fully electrically and pneumatically activated, no hydraulics
  • 4 faces bundle squaring
  • High efficiency
  • HD construction

Laths/sticks placers

  • Precise positionning of the sticks
  • Faultless operation for any stick size
  • Automatic magazine feeding system available
  • We are the inventors of the first sticks placers, would you choose a copy?
  • Fully patented, paten #2,143,552

Floor level stacker

  • Specifically designed for floor level operation
  • High speed up to 15 rows per min
  • Fits in the tightest places
  • For boards/blocks up to 10ft long
  • Cheaper installation cost than a forks stacker
  • Integrated sticks placers

Wrapping paper dispenser

  • Measures, stretches out and cuts the wrapping paper
  • Up to 4 different wrapping rolls used in the same production
  • Safe operation, prevents injuries related to manual cutting operations

Vertical Bins sorter

  • Proven design of vertical and angular bins since the last 20years
  • Quiet maintenance free UHMW I-bars  push-type design
  • Maintenance free Inotech exclusive air bags tipples
  • Dual tipples avoiding boards stacking in wide dimensions
  • Pneumatic arms insuring soft discharge of the bins
  • Automatic chain lubrication kit for long live operation
  • High speed over 215 ppm
  • Available in many configuration

Tray sorter

  • The 1st horizontal trays sorter with smart cut-in-2 features that double the amount of available trays
  • Be no more restricted by the amount of trays, the Inotech design allow to put two different products in the same tray!
  • Proven and reliable design offering maximum of efficiency
  • Precise discharge bridge positioning via encoded electrical motorisation
  • As usual, customized to your needs!