Multisaw trimmer



  • Extreme reliability: 20 years of development and design improvement
  • Inotech exclusivity: modular design aligned on one  axis with one motor per saw
  • 12’’ saw spacing for maximum trimming solution at high speed
  • The Inotech exclusive design allow to have 12’’ saw spacing with one motor per saw aligned on one axis, conferring all the benefits of the one-motor-per-saw all of this in a little space
  • Less parts, less downtime, less maintenance and more reliability than the ‘’Lineshaft’’ design
  • No risk of complete line shutdown: thanks for the redundancy of the multi-motor system
  • Unbreakable saw modules: Saw action via a custom pneumatic cylinder mounted on a custom shock absorber system. Reliable design with more than 20 years of improvement!
  • Save top components access via flip covers that become a safe catwalk
  • Innovative access with a door on the side to give easy access underneath the trimmer
  • Guaranteed boards end trimming quality: Kevlar cog belts to drive the saws avoiding the risk of belt slipping (lowering the saw rpm)  while trimming
  • Better trimming yield with the PET saw axis allowing to cut specials lengths while producing standard lengths (ex simultaneous production of 84’’,  92 5/8’’, 96’’ et 104 5/8’’)
  • Additional opportunities with the Cut-in-2 feature that allow to cut a full length board into two shortest pieces with highest grades-values
  • Minimal Foot print: Combined with our POSITRIM, the POSITRIMMER combo is the shortest of the industry and can be fitted in the most tightest mills
  • Precise positioning of the PET and Cut-in-2 module via servo-motors
  • Configuration for all board sizes, from 1×2 up to 2×20, up to 6’’ thick blocks
  • High operation speed up to 250 pieces per minute
  • Inotech: Customized for your production!