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Optimized stems merchandizer



  • Maximal optimization of the stems by determining the most profitable log bucking patterns
  • Generates the best bucking pattern from the true shape scanning of the entire stems (not only from diameter en length scanning)
  • Allows log bucking according to the best sawing pattern (not only from diameter en length information)
  • Precise linear reading of the stems with the best true shape scanner
  • For stems up to 80′ long and 24″ dia
  • Precise travelling of the sawing modules via electrical encoded motorisation
  • Ultra soft saw swing action via HD crankshaft ans electrical motorisation
  • Dual stages stems accumulation devices independently controlled for high speed operation
  • Super HD contruction well designed insuring long lasting of the components
  • Full mill infeed equipements lineup available: stems accumulation deck, stems and logs singulator, V-flight conveyor, etc