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Optimized transversal gangsaw with automatic slabs remover


  • Allows full numeric optimized sawing of the cants
  • Nothing less than the best secondary breakdown for pallet components of the industry!
  • Produces up to 30% more fbm than a manual gangsaw
  • No operator required, even at outfeed for crust removal
  • Smart automatic crust removal system
  • Singulates, scan, place and saw cants from 40’’ up to 72’’ long
  • For cants from 3 ¼’’ to 6 ¼’’ thick
  • Produces boards as thin as ½’’ thick
  • Offering the most precise optimized sawing solutions
  • Thrue-shape optimization with ultra precise reading of the cants
  • Uses the industry leader Posiedge infeed system
  • Inotech exclusive maintenance free servo-motors positioning system
  • Allows full positioning of the cants according to the true shape optimizer solutions
  • High speed, as fast as the gang saws can take it!
  • Guided or flange saws
  • Pneumatic and electrical components, no hydraulics
  • Customized for your production!