Since a long time our customers have requested us a planer-moulder that have the same robustness and flexibility as our sawing equipments.
With our extensive expertise in custom built equipments, we have designed a planer-moulder using the best of our sawmill equipment technologies to achieve an unprecedented efficiency, flexibility and robustness in the planer machine world.
‘’Do the same thing as you always did, and you will get always the same result. If you want to have different results, you need to try something else’’
We did something else!

  • The very first planer specially designed for blocks processing of all sizes
  • No more jams even in the most curved or twisted blocks
  • Perfect rectifying of the curved blocks
  • A unique and unmatched feed rolls positioning technology to match  blocks shapes
  • One piece frame for precise and simultaneous operation: planing, profiling, vertical and horizontal resawing
  • Super-rugged construction from our sawing equipments technology
  • Pull trough feeding configuration
  • Also perfectly works with boards, planks and blocks
  • Ultra quick setup for fast production change
  • Only one motorisation via timing belts and driving shafts for full synchronisation of the feeding rolls
  • High speed up to 2000 fpm